The Rajiv Chowk theory

You must be thinking after reading this unaccommodating title, which theory are we discussing here, Right ? Well , this theory is one one of my beliefs , nothing related to the rajiv chowk metro station crowded junctions though .

See , this theory is all about different perspectives of each being in the world .

When we enter the rajiv chowk metro station , we buy ticket and go for destined train which reaches on our destination .So here trains of metro is just like  life opportunities which comes and goes , never stop coming on your platform . And the crowded people reflects the competition for that opportunity and shows alot of  participants are there ,for taking your space of standing in there.

As well as people sitting  inside on the seat reflects  how much they actually waited (struggled )for the golden opportunity for thier stability in their life.

In trains , sometimes we fight for the seat (i mean they dont beat you for it but still vibes are still there), sometimes , we forget to departure on our platform , sometimes ,  other people take your things (steal show ) , sometimes generous people offer you the seat  and sometimes you do not get in ,  and the reserved seats for women somehow  is very much metaphorical to the reservation in our indian education,well SO IN LIFE.

Every being is a stranger to the other one , and every one of them is doing thier thing. some people look out in the window for reaching out other places which shows dreaming for other or better opportunities. You never know who’s chasing you or looking out for you,you never know who is laughing behind you in the train .

Everybody has its own destination (targets) with a different path .some people have to change twice  to reach somewhere and some people dont have to do that. Well , So does life.

Some days on that station are really convincing where you will need help to go somewhere and somebody will help you and somedays will be hectic , morbid , b/w and some more words which will display negetivity.

See the point is our life is just like those lanes on which metro trains runs on & Rajiv chowk  metro station is just like the world we live in .

so we should never give up  doesn’t matter where we want to go , doesn’t matter  we don’t know our destined train or station , doesn’t matter how much people are there in that train , at some minute, At some point ,  we will get on the train and will reach our destination.


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